The forging technology has advanced really fast in the last ten years by replacing the traditional casting technology thanks to a better quality and cheaper production costs.


The forging operation in Garneri is equipped with the latest technology advanced machines and permits to be real competitive in delivery, quality and prices. The set up of the machines and their maintenance is made by highly skilled workers that thanks to their proven experience optimize the production for the best constant quality.

Cutting And Deburring

Real modern brass rod cutting machines and deburring machines that are totally made in Garneri to give the constant and reliable production process and permit to maintain the flexibility service which is our main winning argument.

DR Brass Reheating

The reheating is needed for the DR brass technically defined as CW602N were Garneri guarantees the manufacturing process of reheating of this special brass alloy.

Machining Operation

In collaboration with other companies specialized in the machining operation permits to Garneri to offer also to complete the forged items with machining operations or smaller assembly operations.

Superficial Finishings

Sandblasting finishing with steel balls Ø 0,5 mm that give a nice superficial finishing and a total clean aspect.
Ecofriendly pickling with the latest technology machines, totally automatic using stabilized peroxide. This products exclude totally the use of nitric acid or chrome acid, preserving the full respect of the latest healt and safety norms.
Polishing, brass sandblasting, chrome plating, nikel plating are also procedures that we can implement with the help of skilled professionals, and enables us to propose and take the best technical solutions.