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More than 40 years experience together with a continuing technological innovation gives our company the possibility to offer to all of our customers products and services that can cover any kinds of product applications.
The forging machines with a capacity from 200 to 1000 tons permit to forge products from 100 grams up to 12 Kgs. for applications in faucets, plumbing, valves, heating, handles and all sort of technical applications.

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Brass Forging Project

The company strategy, able to link a perfect balance between hand working and automatic machines, even if the company has grown so much, is the flexibility that permits us to offer a high qualified service and a quality of the highest standards, able to produce small quantities, high volume productions, simple items and the most difficult technical products, with a strong technical support and a long time experience.


An accurate detailed production process, the most modern instrumentations and the constant professional growth of our employees are the secret of our high quality standards.
The production procedure is constantly controlled by our skilled workers that with the most advanced instruments follow quality checkups with distructive tests, working tests, size controls and where required also metal and chemical tests, performed by certified labs.